Pre-orders are products that are not yet in stock. You will recognize a pre-order on the dates when the products are estimated to be expected. This is defined in the product description.

If you want to be sure of ordering your favorite item we recommend you to place a pre-order . D-Toys will send you an email when the goods have arrived within our stock and will reserve them exclusively for you. Pre-orders must be paid in advance but can also be paid if they become in stock. That is to be determined between you and D-toys.

For some expensive or personal pre-orders a deposit may be required, D-Toys will notify you after placing your order.

In case of cancellation at your side, we charge 15% of the total amount for fees.

From the moment a pre-order appears on the website we have about 3 to 6 weeks to order it at the manufacturer.You will be almost 100% sure that the item will be delivered, with the exception of when the manufacturer decides not to produce the item or produce it extremely limited.

After the ordering period we normally will be subscribed on a waiting list, but often the article is available to us.

The fact remains, of course: be in time to avoid disappointment!

As it can take some time with pre-orders before they are in stock, we recommend you not to combine your pre-orders with orders on products already in stock or with other pre-orders. Please order each pre-order separately or send us an email at